Coffee and Eye Bags [How They Are Related]

We all sometimes feel the shock of looking in the mirror in the morning and seeing the first swollen and tired eyes to take care of any irregular sleep or waking up fear crash. Restore and then wake up again, then run frantically, trying to soften the coffee before having to wake up or speeding up sit on the train, wake up on the train or listen to a comment or two friends at work who tell you that you could get a good night’s sleep.

The main reason is that our skin loses its elasticity with its age. Water improves circulation and has also proven to help ensure good skin because it is a natural moisturizer. I know it’s easy, but believe me, it’s very effective.

Healthy living helps too. It seems to me that I have a balanced diet. I try to sleep if I can practice and practice when I have time. Another important tip to avoid the bag under your eyes is not to wipe your eyes. My sister has a habit of wiping her eyes and does not help to get rid of swelling or dark circles. The best way is to live a healthy life and all that follows. Very simple but very true.

Puffy eyes – when the skin under the eyes looks bumpy or “blow” – is a common but often terrible problem with the skin. As a rule, these “bags” caused by the accumulation of fluid under the skin, also known as water retention, which is particularly visible under the eyes because of the weakness of the subcutaneous skin. Dark shadows under the eyes can also cause the appearance of swollen eyes. On the natural side, some natural substances, including caffeine, can help get rid of puffy eyes?


Consumption of caffeine drinks such as coffee or tea can also reduce the dark circles by lowering the release of the water obstacle, which is the øjens head prop feel. Mayo Clinic Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. It is recommended to invest up to 500 mg of caffeine or 4 cups of coffee in order to achieve the diuretic effect of milk. But drinks with a small amount of coffee, tea or other caffeine can help increase your daily water consumption, which also helps to relieve anesthesia. In addition, caffeine-free beverages such as the coffee can produce the same sunscreen as caffeine. According to the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, in 2007, participants reported coffee-free caffeine-free, less skinned carbohydrates without melanoma – a type of skin cancer that is mainly due to sunlight / UVB rays – if they do not use coffee. Coffee without coffee is not associated with the same protective benefits.

Caffeine stimulating effect on topical use reduces blood vessel leakage and increases blood vessel tension, which moves through the eye through the fluid and helps to tighten the skin. It seems that this effect has helped in inflatable bags characterized by the accumulation of fluid and leaking micro-drops. Muscle eyes, skin drops, and fatty eyebrows are individual problems and should be managed in this way differently. In the morning, the most prominent eyes and clear afternoon and evening. For clarity, caffeine is likely to be positive for the skin. There is not enough research at this stage to indicate if it contributes to fatty acids under the eye despite its lipolysis stimulating effect.

Caffeine-containing ophthalmic products can also help the dark circle with its ability to reduce capillary other benefits of caffeine.

In addition to improving facial skin, caffeine can greatly increase the health benefits. Alzheimer’s disease, according to a study, appeared in a newspaper in 2010 that combines the average length of the durability of conventional consumption with caffeine and reduce Alzheimer’s can be associated with its antioxidant function and beneficial effect on insulin sensitivity. Caffeine-containing beverages can, in addition to skin cancer, also reduce the various types of cancers. According to BMC Cancer, published in March in March 2011, coffee consumption seems to reduce the risk to the breast, bladder, pancreas, endometrium, prostate, esophagus, colon, mouth, throat and liver from their funds. Overall, studies in the study showed that one cup of coffee increased the risk of cancer by 3% per day.


In addition to consuming some caffeine streams or concomitant caffeine intake, other home appliances will improve their eyes without oil. In order to reduce the damage to the pigmentation of the sun, which can cause dark circles, to produce a dull appearance to the eye, it is important to use a wide range of sunscreens to ensure conditions in the field and to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Preventing salt and alcohol helps to combat the problems of eye problems caused by bad eyes that make sweat. The correct placement of the pill so that the head is larger than the rest of the body, it can also prevent you from keeping your face shut. In some cases allergic or sinus problems may cause dizziness; if you think it is a good idea to contact a doctor who can prescribe antihistamines or other medicines for you.

Instead of taking a daily caffeine experience, you can try out the applying to the eye.

Of course, if you use too much coffee, it can also cause skin problems, especially dehydration, tea and non-alcoholic beverages. Diuretic, caffeine, increases body water loss. High intake of caffeine with low water intake results in dehydration of the body and skin.

This is another story about caffeine on the spot – because there is no dependence at the beginning! From caffeine, you can help stimulate local fat metabolism by increasing lipolysis (fat burning) that helps cellulite. Caffeine may also have a positive effect on the fine skin around the eyes. The eye around the eyes differs from the skin elsewhere in the body for several reasons:

If skin fat is not produced, the area of ​​the eye may dry up in the rest of the face as skin. It is much thinner than other facial skin, so it is more sensitive and sensitive. It has a dense capillary net and has a limited fat content so that the area is sensitive to swelling.

Permeability, but dark circles are sometimes difficult to treat and can often be due to other health problems. Green tea is a rich source of caffeine, but only coffee or coffee caffeine should be used to get the best effect. See products that use organic coffee with caffeine and a green dish to give stimulant effect.

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